Schools' Head of the River Race 2008 photos

Schools' Head of the River Race 2008

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Championship Eights

School Junior 2nd Eights

Junior 16 Championship Eights

School Junior 3rd Eights

Junior 16 1st Eights

Junior 15 Championship Eights

Championship Girls' Eights

Junior 16 2nd Eights

Junior 16 Girls' Eights

School Junior Coxed Fours

Junior 16 Coxed Fours

School Junior Girls' Coxed Fours

Junior 16 Girls' Coxed Fours


Junior 15 1st Eights

Junior 15 2nd Eights

Junior 15 Girls' Eights

Junior Maiden Coxed Fours

Junior 15 Coxed Fours

Girls' Junior Maiden Coxed Fours

Invitation Junior Coastal Coxed Fours

Invitation Girls' Junior Coastal Coxed Fours

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