Products and Services

Products and Services

Photos displayed on this site are for sale as digital images, or prints (unframed, or framed), or faux-mounts (unframed or framed). A range of photographic services is also available.

Products and prices

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Photographic services



Products and Prices

Photos displayed on this site are for sale as digital images, or prints (unframed, or framed), or faux-mounts (unframed or framed). A list of options and prices is posted here.

For prints and digital images, please specify whether you would like the Event Title to be printed in a border below the image ('below'), or printed over the image above the bottom edge ('over'), or not at all ('none'). For prints please also specify your choice of 'matt' or 'gloss' finish.

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Photographic prints  

Prints are professionally produced on photographic paper in a wide range of sizes between 6" x 4" and 30" x 20". Prints up to 15"x10" in size are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive photographic paper using Fuji Frontiers printers, while poster-sized prints are printed on Fujifilm Professional digital photographic paper.

Small prints are 6"x4" and 7"x5" in size.

Large prints are 8"x6", 9"x6", 10"x7", 10"x8", 12"x5", 12"x8", 12"x10", 15"x10" and A4 in size.

Poster prints are 14"x11", 16"x12", 18"x12", 20"x8", 20"x16", 24"x16", 30"x20", A3, and A2 in size.

Small framed prints (Black or natural wood frame) are 7"x5" and 10"x8" in size.

Large framed prints (Black frame) are 16"x12", 18"x12", 20"x8", 20"x16", 24"x16", and 30"x20" in size.

The cost and availability of different sizes may vary from one gallery to another. If you press the button labelled "Buy this photo" next to a gallery image, a drop-down list labelled 'Product' will be presented showing all the available sizes and prices for that particular gallery.

Contact us if you require sizes other than those listed, such as oversized prints, posters, or canvas prints (see Custom Services).

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Framing and mounting

7"x5" and 10"x8" prints can be supplied with black or natural wood frames. Larger prints can be supplied with black frames. 

We also offer faux mounts, with club, event and crew information printed alongside a photograph as shown above. The photograph, mount border, bevel, text and club logo are all printed on a single sheet of photographic paper and looks similar to traditional cardboard mounts from a very short distance away when framed.

Look here for more details, samples and instructions on how to order.

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Digital images

Digital images are supplied in JPEG format in the following sizes:

Small:     1200x800 pixels (~900 KB), suitable for full prints up to B5 in size.
Medium: 1800x1200 pixels (~1.5 MB), suitable for full prints up to A4 in size, or smaller prints after cropping.
Large:     3000x2000 pixels (~ 3.5 MB), Suitable for full prints up to A3 in size, or smaller prints with heavy cropping.

Digital images are delivered via DropBox, with no charge for delivery. Unless otherwise requested, they will be pre-processed for printing before being dispatched. Please bear in mind that digital images are processed by hand before being dispatched, so you may not receive them immediately.

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Postage and Packaging

STANDARD DELIVERY (updated 30-Jul-22)

UK Europe Worldwide via Airmail
Small prints
Large prints
Poster Prints
£3.99 £3.59 £4.99
Small frames
£3.99 £3.59 £5.99
Large frames £6.99
£18.00 - £24.00
£24.00 - £90.00
No charge No charge No charge

The total charge for postage for orders for more than one type of product will be the greater of the charges for standard and enlargement prints plus the sum of the charges for the remaining categories.

Digital images
are delivered free of charge via DropBox.

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How to order and pay

We recommend that you order photos through the online shop and pay with credit or debit card using the secure WorldPay payment system. Alternatively, you may email us with your requirements and we will raise an invoice which you can settle by electronic transfer or by credit or debit card.

If you are in receipt of an invoice you may settle by debit card or credit card here.

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Orders are prioritized for fulfillment as follows:

However, delivery times can be longer during busy periods such as during the spring Head Race season and the Henley Regatta season when we are extremely busy photographing events and cataloguing 10,000's of photos.

If your order is particularly urgent, or if you need to receive your photos by a particular date, please let us know right away and we will do our best to accommodate you. There is a 'Message to vendor' box on the checkout page that can be used for this purpose, or you may email us directly quoting your order reference.

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Terms and Conditions


All photos displayed on this site are copyright (moral rights asserted). They may not be copied or downloaded onto any other computer, device, or medium, except insofar as they are cached by web-browsers during normal use.

The gallery and thumbnail images may be displayed on third-party web pages using embedded links, provided their source is acknowledged and they are accompanied by functional links to They may not be copied and stored locally on third party servers or workstations.

Conditions of sale

Digital images are supplied as graphic files (JPEG format) for a flat fee which entitles the buyer to reproduce the file and/or print them an unlimited number of times for personal use only

All images purchased from this site, whether as digital files or prints, are supplied for personal use only. They may not be published on, or distributed via, any medium (including the world wide web) without explicit permission.

Editorial and commercial use

Photos purchased through the online shop are licensed for personal use only. Separate rates apply for editorial, commercial,and other use***. Fees varying according to the nature of the publication. Please contact us for details.

***Single-use licences for non-commercial editorial publication of individual images can be purchased directly through the online shop. The cost of the licence includes provision of the digital file. Please provide details of the copy deadline, together with the requested use in the 'Message to vendor' box on checkout so that the licence can be worded appropriately. The licence and image will be dispatched via DropBox.

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Refund Policy

Digital images and printed products are prepared to order and so constitute customized goods for which the purchaser has no right to cancel under UK and EU trading laws. Neverthless we shall respect requests to cancel orders without penalty at any time until the photos have been printed or digital images have been dispatched. If the purchaser is dissatisfied with the finish of a print or a printed product we will offer to reprint the photo or product or alternatively offer a full refund, provided that the original is returned to us. This does not apply to instances where the wrong image or product or finish was specified in the order.

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Privacy Policy

Look here to review our privacy policy.

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Photographic Services

Contact us for a quotation if you require any of the following services:

Special printing services

We can produce prints in many formats and on various media not specified in the default price lists. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Image processing

We can provide skilled support for digital photo retouching or special effects.


Contact us if you require the services of a specialist professional photographer.

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All photos dated before 2003 have been archived.

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Revised: 30-Jul-22